Yoga on Carpet (Pros, Cons, and Everything You Need to Know)

Modern days can be very tiring, given the loads of pressures and stresses we encounter every day. But, when it comes to relaxing or introspecting to better ourselves, what can be better than Yoga or meditation? When you are confined in the four walls of your room, have nothing to do, yet are stressed, Yoga is the perfect thing to consider. 

This ancient practice from India has become quite an inevitable way of stress relief. Furthermore, Yoga can fulfill a lot of your goals as well. Whether you want to get fit or lose weight, this can serve various purposes. 

When you attend Yoga studios, you mostly work out on a mat. But what happens when you do it in your home? In most cases nowadays, the houses have a carpeted floor. Doing it on such flooring presents a lot of challenges. But is it right to do Yoga on the carpet? Well, it is. Although there are pros and cons, you can practice Yoga on the rug. 

Let’s read ahead to know more on this. 

Can You Do Yoga on a Carpet?

Practicing yoga on the carpet is not a common practice. In most cases, the ideal yoga practice setting is using a mat on a bare or hardwood floor. It provides you with enough support to hold your yoga positions. But, in modern houses or apartments, not much hardwood floor is visible. In most cases, the sitting areas of these are carpeted. 

Well, one might tell you to remove the carpet during your yoga practice, but that’s not so easy. Rolling up a carpet every day and then reinstating it is a tiring job. There are a lot of things you can do instead. For example, you can put a yoga mat on the carpet. The carpet can also work as a cushion here. 

But for one thing, yes, you can practice Yoga on the carpet. However, it has certain pros and cons, about which we have talked ahead. 

Can You Use a Mat on the Carpet?

Performing yoga at home is a great way to take advantage of the exercise while not leaving your place at all. Also, since your home is where you can focus the most, you can attain the best benefits. In most cases, we use the living room or the bedroom for such practices. These two rooms are the most spacious rooms in our home. 

But, at the same time, we use carpets in those rooms only. These fluffy carpets may cause some problems, like slipping a bit. However, these are very much unlikely to happen. In any way, you still have the option to use a mat on the carpet to attain some extra benefits. 

The carpet is not an even surface. So, at first, you will have trouble acquiring your balance since the mat won’t stay still. However, as you keep practicing, this problem will soon vanish away, giving you some extra cushion as a blessing. Since you will be using the mat, there won’t be an issue with gripping. 

As the surface is uneven, the mat will not stay still, and you’ll have trouble balancing initially. However, once you get used to it, the extra cushion can come as a blessing. When you have the mat, you have some grip, too, to stay steady.

Now, be careful while selecting the best yoga mat for a carpeted floor. The yoga mat that you will pick must have a good grip on the carpet. Otherwise, you will face issues such as slipping or disbalance. Also, the mat should be comfortable enough to support you during your sessions. 

Benefits of Performing Yoga on Carpet

Yoga has lots of physical and mental benefits, to name. But if you can do it properly, you can amplify these benefits to a new level. Of course, you can try different settings and environments to practice Yoga. But, when you do it at home, you get to face some challenges.

Now, carpet is something that almost every household has nowadays. But, when it comes to practicing yoga on the carpet, there are some related pros and cons. Here we have discussed those briefly. 

Let’s start by knowing the benefits of performing Yoga on the carpet.

Provides Cushioning for Your Body

One of the unsaid benefits of carpets is that it provides ample support to your joints. It prevents our joints from serious injuries. Hence, while you exercise on carpets, you are doing a favor to your knees and joints. 

When performing Yoga, you have to do a lot of different postures and positions. It certainly leaves an effect on your joints, especially on the knees. While safety should always be your first priority, doing these asanas on a carpet will provide you with proper cushioning. 

So, you don’t have to worry about getting your joints hurt. Instead, performing Yoga on a carpet is a good way of practicing an advanced level of Yoga.

Comfortable during Winter

No season should stop you from continuing your yoga sessions. But, doing Yoga during the winter months can be a bit difficult. So, how do carpets help? Well, carpets cover the cold hard floor, providing you with enough comfort and warmth.

In most cases, people buy a thick yoga mat to get rid of such situations. But, when performing Yoga at home, you don’t have to worry if you have a carpeted floor. The carpeted floor will help you cover that area where you can use a mat and perform Yoga comfortably.

Good for Your Muscle Strength

After 40, we start losing our muscle strength. Yoga helps us regain those strengths and maintain our physical health and physique. But, when you perform Yoga on a carpet, you can attain more benefits in terms of this. How?

Well, the friction caused due to performing Yoga on a carpet is the main responsible source for this. Since the carpet is an uneven surface, you will have problems balancing yourself on it. 

Thus, when you try to fix your posture on the carpet, you train your muscles unknowingly. The muscles that were already being trained through the normal yoga asanas are being pushed harder. Thus, performing Yoga on a carpet helps to strengthen your muscles more.

Enough Space

You don’t have to constraint your yoga practice within the given space of a yoga mat. With a carpet, you get more space than ever. Moreover, the fluffiness of the carpet offers you explicit comfort. 

During winters, when the floor is cold, you won’t feel uncomfortable with a carpet. Since carpet covers a lot of space around, you can perform your yoga freely. 

Disadvantages of Practicing Yoga on Carpet

We have already mentioned that there can be some disadvantages of using a carpet instead of yoga mats. It is a considerable replacement for sure. However, yoga enthusiasts across the globe have faced some complications while using a carpet. It is better to look at the disadvantages before getting your hands on them. So, here we go.

Uneven Surface

One significant problem with using carpets is that they are not even. Meaning you might notice its uneven surface bothering your yoga practices. Some areas of the rug can be subtly wavy compared to other places. This non-uniform structure might cause physical discomfort. And that is probably the last thing you want while doing your yoga sessions. Hence, be aware!

You can always try to apply some tricks, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work

A Bit Unhygienic

Carpets are made of fibers. Now, the gaps or spaces between the woven fiber can catch dirt and dust. Also, carpets are known to capture moisture. Even the carpet may absorb your body sweat and oil also. 

It might be a bit unhygienic. You may fall sick due to the dirty carpet. So, many people have discarded carpets for the hygiene issue.

Lack of Support

This aspect might be connected with the uneven surface of a carpet. Unlike yoga mats, carpet has a structure that is not uniform. So, one might lose their balance during the practices. This can cause serious injury. That is why people have shown their thumbs down for carpet. 

Carpet Damage

Carpets are made of fibers. Now, the gaps or spaces between the woven fiber can catch dirt and dust. Also, carpets are known to capture moisture. Even the carpet may absorb your body sweat and oil also. This might be a bit unhygienic. You may fall sick due to the dirty carpet. So, many people have discarded carpets for the hygiene issue.

How to Choose a Good Yoga Mat for Carpet?

Previously, we have already told you how important it is to pick the right mat for your yoga, especially if you are doing it on a carpet. Since carpets are somewhat uneven, you need to find a mat with proper traction, quality, and durability. While buying a yoga mat, consider the following points. 

Material Quality

The carpets are soft and fluffy. Hence, yoga mats can easily get bumpy, especially when made of PVC material. It can cause a lot of disturbances and frustration. So, it is better to pick something made of cork or rubber. These natural materials are firm and dense. 

They also provide you with a more stiff surface. Hence, you would get enough support that would keep you balanced during your entire yoga session. 


There is a difference between using yoga mats on a hard surface and a carpeted floor. On carpeted floors, your yoga mat can easily slide or move, making it a bit difficult for you to continue. So, it would help if you found something of good grip and texture on both sides. It would help the mat to be on its spot, especially when you are doing fast-paced asanas. 


There are both pros and cons of a thin and thick yoga mat. While thinner mats help you stay more connected to the floor, thick mats offer you more safety and comfort. Thickers mats have more padding, which is great for your joints and knees. Also, during winter seasons, thicker mats offer you more comfort. 

When you use mats on a carpet, a thick mat will provide you with a bit of even surface. You will feel the curve less. Thus, it helps you focus more on your session and less on what is underneath. 


India has offered the world a lot of great things- yoga being one of those. This ancient practice has taught the modern world a new way to live. You don’t need to head to the gym or need any equipment to practice yoga. The sole equipment for the practice is you and your mind. 

The goal of yoga is to set a balance between your body and your mind. So, you must stay focused during the entire session. When you perform yoga at home, you might have to do it on the carpeted floor. Well, it is entirely safe to do that. But, you can use a mat on it for better results. That said, we hope today’s discussion was a fruitful one that will help you.  

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