What Should Men Wear to Yoga? (A Perfect Yoga Clothing Guide for Men)

Yoga has plenty of benefits, and that’s a major reason why more than 300 million people across the globe practice yoga. Not just women but men also practice several yoga techniques and pose to correct their posture and live a healthy life.

However, practicing yoga requires something equally important as dedication, and that’s clothing. Comfortable clothing helps you practice different poses, and you can easily flex your body.

But what should men wear to yoga? This is a question I hear a lot of time, so here are the best apparel pieces men should wear while doing yoga. Not only are these apparels comfortable, but they also make you look great, so it’s a win-win.

The Significant Importance of Wearing the Right Clothing to Yoga

2 men doing yoga. Picture demonstrates that men should wear comfortable cloths

Can’t I just wear gym pants and a dri-fit t-shirt to do yoga? Well, no! You need to select the right materials and types of clothes that are ideal for wearing during yoga.

The biggest reason to buy yoga clothing is the level of comfort you get. Moreover, these apparels are highly flexible, and you do not get any problems while stretching your body.

Yoga is much more than running on a treadmill, which is another reason for wearing the right clothes.

In a nutshell, you get the freedom to move around, stretch your arms and legs without any issues. Furthermore, you do not feel sweaty because these clothes are highly breathable.

Things to Consider When Choosing Yoga Clothes for Men

Comfort is the primary thing to consider when buying yoga clothes for men. But how do you ensure comfort? What are the things to look for in yoga clothing?

There are two major things you need to look for, i.e., size and material. The first thing you need to check is the material. The clothes should be highly breathable, while they should absorb the sweat so that you do not feel sticky at all.

Also, the material should be stretchable so that the clothes do not tear apart when you stretch in them. Another thing to look for is the size.

I recommend going one size bigger than your regular t-shirt size. If you wear M, consider buying an L for yoga because you will get good freedom to move your body parts. For the bottom wear, you need to choose the right size.

Baggy shorts or track pants will be great as you get ultimate flexibility, and you can do different stringent poses without any issues.

The last thing you need to consider is the color. Light colors absorb less heat, so you feel cool all the time. Conversely, avoid wearing dark clothes, as they may make you feel hot, which can hinder your concentration.

Essential Yoga Clothes for Men: The Best Apparels

I’ve been doing yoga for more than five years, and it has a significant contribution to my fitness. I’ve tried several clothes, and very well understand the importance of comfort.

Here is some clothing apparel men should wear to yoga.

Yoga Pants or Yoga Leggings

Yoga pants are not very different from jogging or track pants, except they are a little loose to give you more room to move the legs. On the other hand, the yoga leggings are similar to the leggings you wear to the gym, but they are more stretchable and flexible.

If you are choosing yoga pants, consider one with a smaller tie waist so that it does not dangle and disturb you while doing several poses. Also, men considering such pants should ensure that the pockets have zippers so that your phone or keys do not fall off on the floor.

Tank Tops

I love tank tops for multiple reasons, including the airy feel that you get. These are perfect for men like me that sweat a lot. You do not feel uncomfortable at all, just make sure to keep a napkin by your side to clean the sweat right away.

Plenty of brands out there offer tank tops made using organic cotton and other materials that are gentle to the skin.

Loose T-shirts

If you do not want to flaunt your skinny arms through the tank tops, you can consider loose t-shirts and appear big. These t-shirts are baggy, so you get more room to move your arms and stretch them to the full extent.

Furthermore, most of these t-shirts are made using moisture-wicking materials that absorb the sweat and keep you fresh and smell good.

You can choose from full sleeves to short-sleeve options depending on your preference and the kind of yoga you want to do.

Muscle Tees

Muscle tees look similar to regular t-shirts, but they have shorter sleeves so that your biceps are visible. They are similar to tank tops, but the upper portion of the body gets covered by the t-shirt.

If you need a snug fit, you should wear these t-shorts to yoga. However, make sure to go for stretchable materials like spandex so that the t-shirt does not restrict your movements.

Long Yoga Shorts

A lot of men, including me, find short yoga pants a little uncomfortable, and if you too feel the same, you need to dress into long yoga shorts. The bottom of the shorts is just under the knee, so they are perfect for doing several poses like headstands.

Go for shorts with pockets so that you can carry the essential stuff around with ease. Also, moisture-wicking materials should be your first preference, and you can also go for organic cotton to experience comfort.

Yoga Gloves and Socks

Yoga is a lot about holding several poses and balancing, so you need gloves to get a better grip on the floor. Yoga gloves and socks are essential to get a good grip while preventing the chances of injuries. Even if you are using a yoga mat, you should dress in gloves and socks to be entirely ready to practice yoga.

Depending on your choice, you can opt for socks and gloves with or without padding. I prefer wearing gloves with padding because they enhance comfort.


Sweatbands aren’t just for the tennis field, but you can wear them to yoga. These bands help you clean the sweat with a sweep, and you feel fresh and easy. Moreover, you do not have to worry about handling a napkin as a band snap on your wrist, making things easier.

Consider a good quality sweatband made using skin-friendly material to ensure it is gentle skin.

Tips to Buy the Best Men’s Wear for Yoga

Choosing the right yoga clothing for men is pretty daunting, as there exist several options. I have described the things to look for in yoga clothing, but there are a few tips you need to know before you start shopping for yoga clothes.

Concentrate More on the Lower Body

You should concentrate more on the flexibility and freedom of the lower body because several exercises and postures in yoga involve the legs and feet. You should choose clothing that is highly comfortable and does not restrict your movements.

Avoid tight leggings, and never wear denim to the yoga center, as you may end up struggling with making the poses. Choose yoga sweat pants that are not too loose or tight, depending on your physique.

Avoid T-shirts with Hoods

No doubt t-shirts with hoods look cool, but they can be a headache when doing yoga. These t-shirts will create problems while doing certain poses, such as the downward dog.  Always wear t-shirts that have a loose V or round neck.

Don’t Settle for Cheap Materials.

Never settle for cheap clothes just because they are inexpensive. Instead, invest in good-quality apparel that is comfortable and helps you concentrate on yoga. Also, these clothes will last longer, so you do not have to worry about buying something after every few days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Men Not Wear to Yoga?

Now that you know what clothes to wear to yoga, it is important to know about the clothes you should not wear to the yoga classes. T-shirts that do not fit are a big no-no, as they may end up falling over your head every time you do a headstand or come into a down dog position.

Similarly, you should avoid wearing shorts with a huge hole as they are a little uncomfortable. Make sure the clothes fit properly so that you can do better yoga and attain excellent results.

Can men wear leggings for yoga?

Man lying on a bed in orange yoga leggings

Yes, you can wear leggings for yoga, as they are highly comfortable and you get a snug fit. However, there are a handful of things to keep in mind, including the fit and the material.

Also, the leggings should be stretchable so that you do not get any problems while stretching your legs.

Is it OK to wear socks during yoga?

Man legs with socks on it jus before yoga classes

Yup! But you should only wear yoga socks as they are specially designed for such exercises. Moreover, these socks have padding, so you get great comfort while doing yoga on a wooden floor.

What’s the best clothing material for yoga?

It would be great if you wear natural fabrics such as cotton, as they are gentle to the skin and you can be sure there won’t be any allergies and irritations.

Concluding Statement

Yoga clothes for men give you the freedom to stretch, and you get plenty of space to work out with unparalleled comfort. Yoga is all about balancing, stretching, and holding different poses, so comfortable clothes contribute a lot to your efficiency.

You are now all set to go shopping for your new yoga apparel. Try out the outfits, and do some movements like stretching your hands to ensure the clothes do not restrict your movements and offer a perfect fit, so you look good.

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