What Color Yoga Mat Should You Get For Your Practice?

What Color Yoga Mat Should I Get? – if you are asking yourself this question you are not alone.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you’re either in need of a new yoga mat or are looking to purchase one for someone else.

Maybe you’re interested in learning about the different colors and what they represent? No matter your reason, I’ll give you the scoop on why certain colors are better suited for certain people.

If not, no worries! You can always go with the classic black mat because it’s durable and easy to clean!

Why Does Color Matter?

Yoga mats in two colors: orange and purple with a woman doing yoga in the background

Colors have a psychological meaning in many cultures. For instance, the color red is often associated with love and passion. The color yellow can be symbolic of happiness or joy, while blue may represent peace or serenity. Green is often used to symbolize nature and health.

The symbolism of colors varies depending on culture and context; for example, black is typically associated with death in Western cultures but it has more positive meanings in other parts of the world such as India where it symbolizes life and prosperity, or China where it was traditionally worn at funerals because white shows dirt too easily.

Colors also hold different meanings for people depending on their gender and age group: some studies suggest that men prefer blue over any other color while women tend to prefer pink or purple.

In addition to symbolism, colors have a psychological meaning because they also affect a person’s mood and emotions.

Makes sense? We thought so. In the next section, we will give you a few ideas of how the color of a yoga mat can affect your performance, energy, and mood. Ready to dive in?

Is Red a Good Yoga Mat Color?

Red is the color of life, vitality, and health. Red also symbolizes love and passion. From a psychological perspective, red is related to responses involving dominance, anger, and “approach-related action tendencies.”

Some of the words used to describe the experience of seeing red are heat, brutal, fierce, hard, active, passionate, agitated, exciting, hot-headed.

Red implies strong motivation, excitement, and action that is often used to describe objects that are fast-moving.

The intensity of the color also implies energy. Red is stimulating and exciting.

Who Should Buy a Red Yoga Mat?

Buy a red yoga mat if you are an energetic person that is always full of energy. A person who likes to stand out from the crowd and likes to train hard.

Is Pink a Good Yoga Mat Color?

Pink is a color that is associated with tenderness, sensitivity, and gentleness. This color symbolizes love and romance. Pink can be seen as a beautiful shade of red, but it has a softer feel to it.

When the color pink appears in nature it usually means that there is going to be a new birth or life cycle which is why this color was chosen for baby rooms and nurseries.

Pink is a color that also symbolizes playfulness and friendship.

In fashion, pink is not commonly seen as much as red or blue, but it has been gaining momentum over the past couple of seasons.

Who should buy a pink yoga mat?

You should pick a pink yoga mat if you are a gentle and compassionate person. It makes women appear sophisticated, well-mannered, and educated. By using a pink yoga mat you may seem like an approachable and friendly person – a really good foundation if you are into making new friends in yoga classes.

PS. Just a fun fact: some famous celebrities who love pink color are Victoria Beckham and Kelly Clarkson.

Is Orange a Good Yoga Mat Color?

Orange is the color of creativity, energy, and enthusiasm. It’s also associated with joy, happiness, and fun!

Orange radiates warmth. The more orange in an environment the warmer it will feel to its inhabitants.

Orange can make people feel happy too. It is a color that naturally inspires optimism, energy, excitement, and feelings of warmth.

If orange is the dominant color in an environment it stimulates mental activity which encourages enthusiasm, alertness, and determination.

Orange also has strong links with physical energy. Everything that’s made from orange is very stimulating to the senses! This is why people buy oranges – they need the energy and vitality that it gives them

Who should buy an orange yoga mat?

Buy an orange yoga mat if you are an energetic person full of enthusiasm and you like to express your excitement.

It’s important to remember that color sets the mood for our mind and body, it will stimulate serotonin release in your brain that relieves tension also increases happiness levels meaningfully over time.

Is Yellow a Good Yoga Mat Color?

Yellow is the color of sunshine, happiness, and optimism. It’s a happy color that brings warmth to people’s hearts. Yellow stands for knowledge, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence.

Yellow can also represent envy or cowardice in some cases.

It has been shown that yellow can stimulate brain activity, increasing concentration and attention span. Yellow also suggests caution.

Who should buy a yellow yoga mat?

A yellow yoga mat will be a good choice for you if you are a warm and cheerful person. Yellow is easily visible from the distance so you should definitely buy a yellow mat if you want to stand out from the crowd and grab people’s attention.

Is Purple a Good Yoga Mat Color?

The color purple is associated with power, ambition, luxury, and wealth. It has also long been associated with royalty (the term “purple” derives from the Old English word “purpul” which means “royal”).

For this reason, it can be used to create feelings of authority or grandeur. Deep purples are somber and suggest richness. Bright purples are more energetic, while lighter purples tend to be tranquil. Dark purple symbolizes potential power.

Considering this color may indicate that the person seeking knowledge has goals in their life or is seeking spiritual growth, or has much wisdom and experience under his belt. People who like bright colors might favor bright shades of purple.

Who should buy a purple yoga mat?

You should buy a purple yoga mat if you like being independent and you are a born leader. It’s also a good choice if you like to create an aura of wealth and luxury around you.

Is Green a Good Yoga Mat Color?

Like a fresh, cool sea breeze, the color green is refreshing and calming. It’s no coincidence that it’s often used in hospitals or schools to create a sense of calm.

This soothing color can promote tranquility and well-being by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress levels, and even decreasing depression.

Green can increase sexual desire due to its associations with nature and vitality. It encourages spontaneity and fun, which helps bring us closer together in a loving embrace…

Who should buy a green yoga mat?

If you are a spontaneous person who likes being surrounded by other people and your vibe is really calm then you can manifest it by buying a green yoga mat.

Is Black a Good Yoga Mat Color?

Black symbolizes power, mystery, and grief. Black is a color that can make you feel emotions like fear or sadness. It also represents darkness which can represent either the unknown or an absence of light.

Black has always been considered to be a color of mystery. Even today, people still associate it with secrets and hidden things. Black is also the absence of light which leads us into darkness or the unknown, making it mysterious.

The color black can also represent evil because it was said that good would triumph over evil so if you want to represent the opposite, black would be the color to use.

Who should buy a black yoga mat?

To be honest, black is the most popular color for everything to do with sports. If you simply want to concentrate on having a fantastic yoga session and don’t want to bother manifesting anything, buy a black yoga mat.

Is White a Good Yoga Mat Color?

White is the most complex color, embodying all colors and their shades. It’s very often associated with freedom, minimalism, and innocence.

White is also an absence of color, which makes it a symbol of purity and cleanliness.

It can be seen as dark colors turned to light or bright colors turned to white, with its brightness making it symbolic for clarity and enlightenment.

White can be cold or hot depending on its association with black or red respectively; the former being cold because of its lack of intensity while the latter being hot because of its heightened energy due to contrast against darker surroundings.

Who should buy a white yoga mat?

You should buy a white yoga mat if you want to manifest that you are entering a new chapter in your life. If you love freedom and are an optimist then a white yoga mat will be a good choice for you.

Is Brown a Good Yoga Mat Color?

Brown is the color of earth and wood, as well as chocolate. It can symbolize both richness and poverty. Brown can be a warm and caring color

Brown’s association with dirt makes it a fitting choice for camouflage clothing in wilderness settings or at construction sites where there is lots of dust (such as on building sites).

Who should buy a brown yoga mat?

You should go for a brown yoga mat if you are a strong, stable, and somewhat conservative individual. It’ll also be excellent for you if you’re a realist.

Not only color does matter. What else you should pay attention to when picking a yoga mat?

A grey color yoga mat and a woman doing yoga in the background and a grey color yoga mat

1. Material

The most common materials used in yoga mats are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). PVC is less expensive, but it also has a strong odor which could bother some people. TPE is more expensive, but it doesn’t have that characteristic smell of plastic. If you’re not sure what to choose, TPE is probably your best bet since it doesn’t have a strong smell and offers great stickiness.

2. Thickness

Yoga mats can be bought in different thicknesses.

Low-density mats are around 2mm thick which means that they offer no cushioning for your joints during those difficult yoga poses.

High-density mats are around 4mm thick and offer good cushioning for your joints, but may be too bulky to carry around.

The best option is 3mm thick mats which provide decent cushioning without taking up too much room in your bag.

3. Stickiness

Yoga mats don’t do their job unless they’re ‘sticky’ enough to stay in place while you do some challenging yoga poses.

Some mats are more sticky than others, which can make them harder to clean. You should consider how often you practice before buying a mat because the stickier it is, the more effort it will take to keep it clean.

4. Length and width

The length and width of yoga mats vary, so it’s up to you to find the right dimensions for your height, weight, and style of yoga.

The standard size for a mat is around 183cm x 61cm x 3mm which gives you enough room but isn’t too bulky in your bag.

5. Price

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for and it’s no different with yoga mats. If you’re a beginner, it might be best to stay away from the most expensive mats since they may not be good enough for your practice.

However, if you know you want to stick with yoga for a long time and grow as a yogi, it’s probably worth it to buy a higher-quality mat.

6. Thick cushioning

One thing to consider if you have sensitive knees is whether or not your mat has thick cushioning (you may also consider knee pads as an alternative)

If the stickiness isn’t enough to keep your yoga mat in place and it slides around a lot, you could risk injuring yourself by trying to balance in a pose and having your knee fall into the hard floor.

While it may be difficult to find a yoga mat with thick cushioning if you know how important this is for you, make sure you do some research before buying!

7. Texture

Some mats are textured on the top which helps with grip during challenging yoga poses. This is particularly useful if you sweat a lot or practice hot yoga. If you’re not interested in texture, there are also un-textured mats that may be easier to clean and store.

8. Durability

The durability of a mat is very important since you’ll probably be using it many times every week. If the mat wears down quickly, it may not be a good option for your practice.

However, this also depends on how often you practice, how hard you are on your equipment, and even how big of a yogi you are!

While some people enjoy doing advanced poses like arm balances or headstands in their home practice, others prefer to focus more on relaxing poses at the studio with friends.

This means that durability may depend on what your yoga goals are… So keep an open mind when choosing your next yoga mat!

9. Yoga style & personal preference

Many people only stick to yoga at the studio but others do it in their home as well… As a result, they might need more than one yoga mat. Whether or not this is something that applies to you depends on how often you practice, what kind of yoga style interests you most, and even how big/small your living space is! If having multiple mats seems like a hassle, you can always buy one that is versatile enough to be used for both styles of practice.


The colors that you surround yourself with have a profound effect on your mood. Use the color red to feel powerful, wear blue to be creative, and use orange or purple if you need some energy!

There are so many ways of using color in your life to improve your overall health and happiness and buying a colorful yoga mat may be one of them. My preference would be the purple one, which one would you choose?

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