27 Ways To Keep Leggings From Rolling Down (Ultimate Guide)

Leggings are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. They offer the perfect balance of comfort and style, never going out of fashion. But there is one issue many women have with their leggings: rolling down!

That poses a problem when you want to wear your favorite jeans or if you need to be active, like at work. What can we do? I’ll tell you how to keep your leggings from rolling down and give some tips on what other items may help as well!

Reasons Why Your Leggings May Be Rolling Down:

  • You might not be wearing the proper size/style of leggings
  • The material with which the leggings have been made may be of poor quality
  • Leggings without wider bands risk slipping down due to their tight fit. Leggings with a wider, more stable band (like shapewear) can help keep the pants up.
  • The lighter the fabric is the more your leggings will roll down. The fabric should be durable and not too thin, so it won’t cause your leggings to stretch.
  • Your leggings will wear out after time. Spandex material is a common material used for leggings, it’s really strong but it’s not indestructible.
  • You washed them the wrong way, so you can put them in the trash. Always machine wash your leggings in cold water. Also, turning them inside out for a safer washing experience.
  • Your bum will get smaller when working out a lot and it could just happen that your favorite pair of leggings no longer fits comfortably in its old size, so they’re now baggier than before (but it’s good news though isn’t it?)

How To Keep Leggings from Rolling Down? 27 Proven and Working Tips

Everyone has experienced the embarrassment that comes with having leggings roll down. It’s a common problem, but it doesn’t have to be! There are 27 easy ways to prevent this common problem.

#1: Pick the Right Pair

A woman in colorful leggings posing for a picture

As simple as it sounds. If you have ever worn leggings, especially if they are not your favorite pair, you know how easily they can roll down due to constant friction against the hips or waist.

If you try on ten pairs of the same size, you may find ten different fits. This is why it’s important to pick a pair that has the right amount of stretch and grip.

A pair with an “expandable waistband” feature will give you more leeway in terms of size fluctuations without compromising on comfort.

There are also some specific styles that are cut to stay put. I personally love Medium Compression Leggings (in general it’s not a bad idea to opt for compression fabrics) which are super comfortable, affordable, and have a wide waistband that grips without being too tight.

Other leggings with permanent grips or seams on the inside of the thigh are also good choices because they will not slip when you walk. I would stay away from lace leggings as the fabric will not stand up to the friction of movement.

#2: Wear a Belt

Belts are comfortable because they sit on top of your clothing without adding pressure to any one spot. If you are having trouble keeping your leggings up, try adding an elastic belt or threading a ribbon-style belt through the waistband for extra grip.

If you are wearing leggings without a skirt or dress, this is probably your best option.

The downside of wearing belts with leggings is that they can be uncomfortable if the belt sits too high on your body because the buckle may poke into your stomach.

One way to solve this problem is by using elastic belts which do not have buckles like FitBelt

Another way to reduce the discomfort factor is by making sure that you use long enough belts that they rest on your hips instead of your waist.

#3: Use an Excercise Rubber Band

This is another quick and easy fix for keeping leggings from rolling down. Simply wrap a rubber band around the base of your waistband to give it a snug fit without losing its stretchiness.      

The downside of using a rubber band is that you need to make sure it is tight enough to support your leggings, but not so tight that it causes discomfort.

#4: Use Athletic Tape

Athletic tape in different colors: red, blue,black and sandy

Athletic tape is specifically made for keeping clothing items in place while still being comfortable. If you are having trouble keeping your leggings up, try taping the inside of the waistband to create an extra grip against your skin.

Although it may seem odd, athletic tape is actually quite comfortable and will not pinch or irritate your stomach as many traditional belts might.

Make sure that you only use pieces of tape that are about two inches long. If you try to tape the entire waistband, it will be too thick and may cause discomfort or affect the fit of your outfit.

To keep the athletic tape from slipping out of place, pull up on your leggings until you can see where the ends are taped down to make sure they are secure before letting go.

#5: Wear Underwear with Grippers in Them

Underwear with grips along the top will keep your leggings in place without causing damage to your skin. Many types of underwear with grip strips are inexpensive and can be purchased almost anywhere.

Be sure to choose underwear that is made from comfortable material, such as cotton or Lycra, so you do not experience any irritation.

#6: Wear a waistband liner

This item slips right into your leggings and helps to smooth out any bumps or lumps, keeping things sleek and helping the leggings stay in place.

#7: Get crafty with an elastic band

You can easily buy one or if you are crafty, you can try making your own waistband out of an old pair of leggings. Simply cut open the waistband area and sew it back together to make a custom-sized waistband for your new leggings.

#8: Use Smash Grip Strips

Smash grip strips can be purchased at most department stores and online shops. The strips come in many different colors and designs to match your leggings perfectly.      

Like other options, smash grip strips will not damage your skin or leave any scars if they are removed properly after use.

#9: Use Clear Tape

Clear tape is another great option for keeping leggings in place. Unlike other options, the clear tape will not damage your skin or leave any marks when it is removed after use.

Be sure to test out different types of clear tape on your shirt before applying it to your leggings to make sure that the tape will not cause damage.

#10: Wear Clothes That Match Your Leggings

This is another simple option that can help. By wearing clothes that match your leggings, you can ensure that the waistband of your top will be large enough to cover up the entire legging waistband.

#11: Get Leggings That Are Longer Than Your Expected Size

If you are using leggings for the first time, you may want to choose ones that are longer than your expected size.

This can help to prevent them from rolling down because there is more excess fabric available in the elastic waistband area.

If your leggings still roll down even after choosing a larger size, you can solve the problem by folding the waistband over until it is secure.

#12: Wear High Waisted Leggings

High waist leggings are a great option if you want to prevent your leggings from rolling down while still showing some skin.

This is because high-waisted pants will keep the stomach area flat and make it easier for you to keep any leggings from rolling over.

#13: Use a Thicker Material For Leggings

If you find that leggings naturally roll down when you wear them, choosing ones made from a thicker or stretchier material can be helpful because it will make it harder for them to roll down when you wear them.

This is because the fabric will be more stable and therefore less likely to move out of place and cause rolling.

#14: Choose a Different Waistband Style

Leggings with elastic waistband styles can offer varying levels of security against leggings rolling down. If you are looking for a legging that doesn’t roll down, try to find one with thicker bands or one that is intended to be extra secure.

#15: Flip Your Leggings Over

If you are trying to prevent your leggings from rolling down, try flipping them over so that the top of the waistband is at your lower back, below your waist.

This is because it will be more difficult for them to roll over when they are on backward and you can also use this position to help keep them up if need be.

#16: Wear a Longer Shirt

If you find that leggings roll down when you wear them and would like to try an extra-long shirt with your leggings, choosing one with a longer length can be helpful.

This is because the bottom of the shirt will help hold up your leggings and prevent rolling.

#17: Wear a Skirt or Dress Over Top

This may seem like an obvious choice, but it is one of the best at preventing leggings from rolling down. When you have a skirt or dress over your waistband, it serves as an extra grip against your hips so that the leggings are less likely to slip out of position. Skirts and dresses are also comfortable because they keep your band in place without being too tight.

 If you are wearing leggings without a skirt or dress, make sure to use one of the other methods listed in this article to keep your leggings up.

#18: Wear Loose Clothing Over Top

Wearing loose clothing over your leggings is a great way to keep them in place during the day. However, because you are covering up your leggings, this option works best if you are wearing leggings with additional layers underneath. For example, pair your favorite printed tights under black pants for an interesting look that is also practical.

#19: Use Nail Polish (For Short Term Solutions)

Although nail polish may not be a long-term solution for keeping leggings from rolling down, you can use it temporarily to keep them in place.

Simply paint the base of your waistband with clear polish to give it a sticky grip on your skin. Be sure to use oil-based nail polish to protect your skin from damage over time.

#20: Wear them with a printed shirt

Woman in colorful clothes

The floral pattern on your shirt may be enough to distract from the fact that your leggings are rolling down your hips and not staying in place…

#21: Roll the cuffs

Another way to avoid tight leggings from rolling down is to roll the cuffs before putting them on.

#22: Try a drawstring waistband

A somewhat less popular option is to add a drawstring around the waist of your leggings.

#23: Try faux leather or patent leggings

Leggings made with leather or patent material are less likely to slip down when you wear them.

#24: Pull them up with your Y-fronts on

Put your underwear on first, and then pull up your leggings. They should stay in place much better this way.

#25: Try long socks instead

Wear tall socks with your leggings. Pull the leggings up as high as you want them and then pull your socks all the way down over them. This will help keep them from rolling down, even if they’re a little too long!

#26: Go for a more expensive pair

It’s been said that expensive leggings are less likely to slip because they are sturdier and made with more fabric. The theory is that if you wear a less expensive legging, the material may be thinner and therefore less likely to stay in place. Just like anything else, quality costs!

#27: Don’t Wear Leggings at All 😉

If you want to make sure that your leggings stay in place, the best option is to simply not wear them at all. There are plenty of clothing options available including pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, and more that do not require you to wear leggings in the first place.

Questions you may have:

How to keep your leggings from rolling: related questions that users very often have

Should leggings be tight or loose?

The answer depends on your goals. If you want to look lean and toned, then they should be firm and tight.

If you’re a runner or a dancer, they should be more loose-fitting for a better range of motion.

If you’re pregnant, they might be slightly tighter so as not to loosen over time as the baby grows in the uterus.

But if those aren’t your objectives at all, full stretch can provide wonderful comfort and support!

How do you keep Spanx leggings from rolling down?

First, make sure the Spanx leggings are fitted to your size correctly. Second, find a skirt or dress that is not too tight but still covers up your rear end. And thirdly, put on low-rise pants and pull them up with strings from adjacent pockets for a point of attachment.

Do leggings roll down because they are too big or too small?

It’s not so much about being larger or smaller, but about the wrong size, width, or stretch.

Leggings are designed to fit tightly on your entire leg so that they stay up without needing a waistband to keep them in place. This is because leggings are constructed from thicker fabrics which normally have less give than thinner fabrics like tights.

If you are wearing leggings that are too big or don’t have enough stretch then there is more room for the fabric to move around and eventually cause them to fall down after some time.

What to do with leggings that are too big?

If you have pants that are too big, zip them up, pull them up as high as they go on the hips. You can also place leggings under very hot water and iron for 20 minutes, they should shrink a bit overnight.


In this post, we went through 27 Proven Strategies to Stop Your Leggings from sliding down. They all address a variety of issues, so I’m sure you’ll be able to discover something that works for your specific scenario.

Good luck with keeping your leggings up 🙂

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