How to Hide Panty Lines in Yoga Pants (9 Pro Tips That Work)

Yoga gives you the best result when performed comfortably. But for women out there, there are a lot of reasons not to be comfortable enough. One of such reasons is visible panty lines or VPL. So, are you tired of these panty lines which are making your session uncomfortable?

Well, you are not alone in that. Skin-tight bottom wear is always the first priority when heading for long workout sessions. But, they are also more prone to such issues. So, it might be confusing to find out what to wear underneath. If you are in the same state, let us help you.

In this article, we talk about how to wear yoga pants without visible panty lines. Once you get rid of these, you will be able to focus on your sessions more. So, let’s get started.

How to Wear Your Yoga Pants without Showing VPL or Visible Panty Lines?

Think about a situation where, during your Yoga session, someone tells you that your panty lines are visible. Won’t it make you super uncomfortable? And an awkward Yoga session will bring you nothing.

VPL or visible panty lines are nothing less than a nightmare. It appears mostly when you wear tight-fit bottom wear, such as leggings.

And, don’t take VPLs lightly at all. They have the power to ruin your total outfit. Moreover, the added discomfort ends up ruining your sessions. That is why you should always know how to prevent those from happening.

Of course, the journey starts by knowing what kind of clothes you can wear to the gym. But, there are many other factors, such as choosing the right fabric type and things that you can wear underneath instead of a panty.

Here we have discussed some of the best ways to prevent VPL or visible panty lines.

#1: Go Commando

Man in lycra pants and band on his head has hidden his panty lines by not wearing panties

If you have thicker workout gear, you can forgo underwear. Going commando means wearing nothing inside. It comes from the very concept of the military, where soldiers have to be ready for war in any situation.

So, instead of wearing underwear, you can use a panty liner in your leggings. Such panty liners are designed for workout and sport purposes. So, they can support pretty well.

However, going commando may have some disadvantages as well. It leaves you more susceptible to camel toe. If it happens, it will be more uncomfortable than VPLs. So, it is better to give your workout pants a test drive before going out.

Try walking around your room and see if it’s happening. If it’s not, you are free to go. Also, make sure that the bottom you are wearing is giving you enough coverage. Going commando is a bit risky the first time. You wouldn’t ever want to expose yourself.

#2: Pick the Right Underwear

Smiled woman in the picture showing that the right underwear can help you to hide panty lines during the training.

Wearing underwear with tight workout gear creates VPL most of the time. But, how do you pick the right underwear?

It is easy. Well, if the underwear is too tight, it will dig into your skin, making you uncomfortable. Again, big underwear will feel loose in the back, on the butt. The gathering of cloth on your butts will show up as wrinkles.

Hence, you should find underwear that fits you perfectly well. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. Having such underwear has other benefits as well. For example, if you are comfortable wearing underwear, you can focus on your yoga well.

So, when you buy underwear for yoga, make sure you keep these things in mind. Here’s a tip: once you find the best underwear for Yoga, you can note down its brand and size. So, the next time you change your underwear or buy a new one, you won’t have to hover through places.

#3: Use Boy’s Shorts Instead

Boys’ shorts are another comfortable gear that you can wear under your yoga bottom. It is more comfortable than thongs or G-strings, about which we have talked about later. There are a lot of benefits of using boys’ shorts as underwear.

First of all, boy’s shorts do not have the cut across your butt. Hence, it won’t cause you the panty lines, which are often caused by the cuts of the panties. Thus, you get a more designed and seamless look when you wear them under your yoga pants. You won’t only have the panty lines, but feel the comfort as well.

But, there are a few things to remember as well. First of all, make sure that you get the one that has the right fit. It will provide you with the required coverage and support. Also, once you get the right size, it won’t dig into your skin or cause wrinkles on the back.

#4: G-Strings and Thongs Are on The List

If you want a plain and simple solution for the panty lines yet are not willing to give up your undies, go for thongs. Thongs are the perfect underwear without seams or stitches. Unlike your regular underwear with stitches, the seamless thongs won’t show through your leggings or workout gear.

But how do you find the best thongs for yoga? Well, it’s pretty easy. Thongs are well available in the market. You just need to consider a few points. First of all, the thongs you will pick should be made of Spandex or nylon. It will help you avoid the hard lines.

If you buy thongs online, you can use keywords like “seamless” or “no-show” thongs. The seamless thongs are known by these names. Hence, it will be easier for you to find such products on some eCommerce sites.

Again, you can also go for G-Strings. Many women prefer G-Strings for Yoga because they have the least amount of fabric. Plus, since these are well available, you won’t have to work hard to find one.

Now, you might feel G-Strings or Thongs are uncomfortable because of how they are designed. But, for one thing, there isn’t a better and more reliable way to hide your panty lines than wearing these. And why so? Because they don’t have the seams or stitches to create those lines at all.

#5: How About Seamless Underwear Panties?

We already know that thongs and G-Strings are anything but comfortable. Especially if you are a newbie, feeling uncomfortable wearing thongs is a sure shot. Again, many women find boy shorts uncomfortable too. According to them, it feels more like an added layer of fabric is hugging their body.

So, what’s the way out? Well, why don’t you dedicate yourself to seamless panties? Seamless panties have become very popular recently. Moreover, they are available in many style varieties as well. 

Most seamless panties have a smooth and clean finish with laser-cut edges, along with clear hemlines. So, they are always invisible even if you wear the most fitted Yoga leggings for the session.

But here are a few things: You are most unlikely to find cotton seamless panties. Cotton is a heavy material. So, go for nylon or spandex material instead.

Also, while buying a seamless panty, go for a nude-colored one. Even if you wear a minimum of see-through leggings, buying nude-colored leggings will help hide your panty lines. Or, if you are wearing something black or white, go for the one matching the color of your leggings.

#6: Bike Shorts Can Provide an Extra Layer

Wearing bike shorts is also a great way to hide your panty lines. First of all, bike shorts do not have such stitches or seams on your butts. So, they won’t come out with all those sudden discoveries between your Yoga sessions. Plus, bike shorts give you extra coverage on your back, making it safer.

But, you will need to wear shorts as an extra layer of clothing. First, wear whichever panty you want. Then pull over the shorts and the leggings after that. There are a few benefits, of course. Biker shorts provide you more coverage. So, say bye-bye to your panty lines completely.

However, biker shorts may feel warmer. People living in a warmer temperature might feel this approach is a bit uncomfortable.

#7: How About Wearing Shape Wear?

You can also pick shape wears to hide your panty lies in yoga pants. These wear spread from your upper waist till your mid-thighs. Hence. There is no chance of visible panty lines. But, there are more benefits of using shapewear than only this.

Shape wears provide you with a more slender and smooth look. It serves the same purpose as wearing tight leggings. So, when you wear shapewear, it won’t only help you get rid of your panty lines but will provide you with a more decent shape during the yoga sessions.

Now, if your shapewear has a tummy-control feature, it will run up to the tummy and hold the extra bulges back.

#8: Confuse the Eyes with Striped Leggings

Another excellent way of hiding the VPL or visible panty lines is to confuse the eyes. And how so? Well, it is pretty easy. Wear some striped pants or leggings, instead of wearing those plain black or white ones. The striped leggings create confusion in other’s brains, making it feel entirely normal.

It is a fun trick but has worked for many. You can also wear other designs, such as flowers, triangles, polka dots, etc. Try to opt for a darker shade. Darker shades help to hide the panty line better as compared to the lighter ones. 

#9: Pick the Right Fabric

Lastly, whatever you wear as the yoga bottom wear, make sure you pick the right fabric. Thick fabric will be more helpful to hide those panty lines than a thin one. Also, you need to focus on the color and overall design of the pants or leggings you wear.

In the case of panties, go for a nylon or spandex material since they will be thinner and, sometimes, seamless. The choice of fabric is a crucial thing and must be taken care of seriously.

If you have a bit of spare time I highly recommend the video below that explains all types of fabric that are commonly used for sportswear. Although it’s suited for designers I think everyone can find something for himself


Visible panty lines or VPLs can be humiliating and uncomfortable and ruin the true essence of your yoga sessions. And when tight leggings or gym gear are always preferable for long-term sessions, you can’t really give those up. The only way to get rid of these is to find some solutions.

These techniques on how to get rid of visible panty lines are 100% effective. We have tried to maintain comfort and purpose on the same level. So, now, you have the liberty to pick the one method that you seem fit for yourself. That said, we hope that the next time you head to your yoga session, there won’t be any VPL to bother you at all.

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